How to write faster using a speech recognition software program?

Voice Recognition Software like DNS allows you to control your online world through voice commands
Voice Recognition Software such as DNS allows you to control your online world through voice commands


Most of the writers find it difficult to survive and make money as a freelancer because of overwhelming requirement of content every day.  Because of low rates, writers in the Third World countries have to produce quality content of around 4000 to 5000 words every day in order to make a decent living.  It makes life difficult for a writer.  Producing 4000 to 5000 words is in no way an easy task.  It requires long hours of back breaking work, which is not good for health.  Sooner or later, you’re going to have one or more health related issues such as cervical spondylosis, high blood pressure, increasing cholesterol levels, fatigue, insomnia, hypertension, indigestion, obesity, arthritis, and dizziness etc.  It’s therefore important to learn to write faster and better using technology. In this article, we are going to discuss how to write faster using speech recognition technology.

How to create content faster without getting exhausted?

It is therefore recommended not to type 4000 to 5000 words daily.  Is there a way we can produce such a high volume of content, without having to type on the keyboard?  The answer is pretty simple.  Yes, there is a way out.  You can use advanced voice recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home or Premium version.

Do voice recognition software programs really work for everyone?

Thanks to technological advancements in the past five years, voice-recognition software programs such as DNS have become much more advanced, fast and accurate.  Surprisingly, they are easy to learn as well.  Now the entire digital world is at your fingertips through voice commands.  People, who have used Siri in iPhone or Windows’ speech recognition program, may argue that it is not practical to use voice-recognition software for content creation, because these are limited and are not enough user-friendly to replace your typing tasks.  In all probability, it can be a rude shock to such people, because DNS is not only different, but also a miraculous technological achievement.

Write thrice as fast as you type on a keyboard



Blog while on the go

Gone are the days, when, top bloggers used to toil long hours in front of their PCs typing their blogs and then publishing it online.  Now, you can write a blog while traveling, mowing their lawns, or walking in the evening.  All you need is your cell phone, loaded with DNS software and you are ready to go.  It allows you to be more creative and spontaneous and therefore it helps you to become a more efficient blogger or writer.  Usually spontaneous thoughts are discouraged because of the limitation and slow speed of working with keyboards.

Creating tons of content using speech recognition software such as DNS

It allows you to speak your heart out and transcribe all the ideas flowing into your mind from around the universe.  DNS doesn’t stop here.  The Premium version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 also allows you to use a handheld digital recorder as a recording device, which you can take anywhere and record your blogs anytime you want.  You can get a decent digital recorder (Olympus or Sony) in as much as $70-$100.  A recording device with around 2GB of voice data would provide you over 500 hours of recording time.  When you come back in the evening, you can attach your digital recorder to your laptop or PC, preloaded with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium and all your recorded speech will automatically start being transcribed onto your Word document.  It saves you hours of work and also enables you to spend your day away from your laptop while still producing an incredibly high volume of content.  Isn’t it surprising?  Yes, DNS 12 Premium makes life simpler for you.

Which product is ideal for you?

If all you want is to transcribe your speech sitting in front of your PC or laptop, you can buy DNS 12 Home version as well, which is available just for $75, while DNS 12 Premium is available for just $175, which is ridiculously low for the features and benefits it offers.

Misconceptions and skepticism

Some people have misconceptions and skepticism about the performance and usability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, because of absurd rumors spread by ignorant people.  Some of these people think that DNS is made only for the native speakers, and non-native speakers have a difficult time learning and working with DNS, which is a big misconception.  I am an Indian and I have never been to any Western country, but I have absolutely no issues working with DNS.  Yes, I admit I have no regional or mother tongue influence, thank to the “voice and accent” training I have received in international BPOs based in India.  I firmly believe that a neutral accent is all that’s required for DNS, which is no rocket science.

Furthermore, it has now become a part of my habit and I can’t produce content without using DNS.  Yes, learning American accent is helpful, but if you don’t have an American accent, DNS adapts to your accent in an incredibly fast manner.  You just need to spend a few hours training it initially.  It creates a profile of yours and adapts to how “you” speak and pronounce certain words. Although, it will consume a few GB’s of your hard disk in the process, but then it is better than keeping unnecessary software and movies there, which are of no use to you.  Another thing people complain about is the HOOKER issue.

Misconception about the HOOKER issue

Sometimes, DNS doesn’t work properly on Microsoft Word and stops listening and transcribing.  We call it, the Hooker issue.  First of all, it is rare and it happens maybe just 2% – 5% of the time you work with DNS.  The rest of the time it works absolutely fine with Microsoft Word.  Secondly, the Hooker problem can be removed easily by logging out from DNS and logging in again.  If it still doesn’t work, you can restart your computer and it will not happen again.

Record your voice while on the go and transcribe it once you are back to your PC
Record your voice while on the go and transcribe it once you are back to your PC

Better than a human assistant or a secretary

Count the benefit DNS provides you as it transcribes faster and better than a human assistant and it doesn’t throw tantrums and doesn’t get tired.  So, if writing and blogging is bread-and-butter for you, stop typing and start using DNS.  I’m sure, within a month’s time you would become proficient in using DNS.  You might face some initial issues, but don’t be discouraged, as I promise you that this software is as good as a high-performance secretary and a typist.  If you face any problem using DNS, would like to discuss anything about the product, or want to know how to write lines faster, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Control your digital world through voice

It is an amazing discovery in the world of artificial intelligence and it makes things a lot easier for you, as it helps you create content at lightning speed.  Needless to say that not only writers, but every one of us needs to produce more and more content everyday to survive and do business.  DNS allows you to create documents, blogs, press-releases, create and send e-mails using voice commands, surf the net and share content on your social media accounts, without ever having to touch your PC keyboard or keypad of your mobile phone.


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