Lessons for Bleeding SEO Agencies

Ignorant masses….


I learnt a great lesson yesterday, when I was trying to convince an agency owner about the effectiveness of content marketing. He is an old school SEO professional and thinks that content marketing is either a magic bullet or some premium practice that only high budget organizations can try! He might have read the blogs and articles about content marketing, but his interest in it is limited to fishing some cash rich clients. Alas, he is not the only one among the ignorant masses….he has some 10 years of experience in SEO and SEM and enjoys good lifestyle, but he is not ready to change his attitude. Recently, I heard that his old school SEO practices are backfiring and he is quite concerned about his agency’s performance as far as helping clients gain search engine rankings is concerned.

Stop shouting and complaining and start understanding


Poor guy! Didn’t I say that SEO, social media marketing and content marketing are no more different streams; they are actually interwoven together? ….and Google’s latest signals confirm it. Then why on earth you think that submitting low quality 500 words articles, local listings and forum submission will do some magic as far as your rankings on SERPs are concerned. And the worst part…if it doesn’t happen, you ask your SEO managers to overdo these things… 😦

Try to understand what Google wants from you


Content marketing is a buzzword, but it’s very difficult to explain it to people. It’s difficult to convince the old school SEO professionals and digital marketing agency owners about the effectiveness of content marketing, let alone laymen and clients! Now, when Google says that they love authoritativeness of a website, usefulness and credibility of on-site content and above all the user-experience on your website, don’t you still understand what’s happening around you???

The right practices


Then why do you worry about Google’s algorithm updates as if you have invested in a fluctuating stock market? The things are pretty clear; it’s you who is creating confusion and panicking around. Adopt content marketing and integrate it with your SEO campaigns and you will see wonderful results. Create downloadable ebooks, PDFs, white-papers, interviews, case-studies, video discussions, podcasts, quizzes, games, questions and answers for Yahoo and Quora and lots of “educational” and “how to” stuff both on your properties i.e. your website and blogs and outside of it including social media, Slideshare, and Pinterest etc.

Anything which can help your prospect and engage them should be tried. They must have a choice to read a blog, see a Slideshare presentation, or learn through a wonderful infographic, watch a video or listen to a podcast while they are driving. Give them the freedom to consume your content the way they prefer, try to answer their queries and help them resolve their burning issues.

Lesson for today

So, please unlearn the old fact that “content marketing is a premium practice” and learn the new reality, “content marketing is the only way to increase your visibility and improve your SERP rankings”.


How infographics can revolutionize your SEO campaign?


Most of my readers would be surprised to know how infographics can incredibly boost their SEO campaigns. Many of the old-school SEO managers still believe in search engine submissions, article directory submissions, unnatural back-linking and many other outdated practices, which have become totally or partially obsolete. Article directory submission is an exception provided your post is informative.

Post Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird etc., the game of SEO has changed completely. The focus is more on quality, clarity, popularity and usefulness of the content.

Key Takeaway: Lengthy articles are being replaced by visually appealing infographics, short videos, microblogs and other small chunks of “digestible” content.

Tips to create effective infographics for your SEO campaign

Let’s discuss the role of infographics in your SEO campaign and in driving immediate traffic to your website. Google now likes popular and relevant content, where “popular” and “relevant” are the buzzwords. When you share such kind of content, you project yourself as a valuable brand to the search engines and your rankings automatically improve as a result. But, before you create an infographic for your campaign, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Know your target audience before you design a suitable infographic, because the theme and content of your infographic decide who is going to see that.
  • Choose a current and trending topic.
  • An infographic shouldn’t be designed in a hurry. You should have researched the data and should have a complete picture in your mind before you decide to create one.
  • Never use a common template; instead you should go for a customized design.
  • Don’t make it complex. Always use your creativity to make it more interesting and engaging. You can introduce new ideas so that it can engage your customers. You can also use a little humor.
  • Have a separate landing page for your infographic and it should not be included in your regular blog. This way, it will increase your incoming traffic and decrease bounce rate.
  • Use an embed code to link the infographic back to your landing page. You should also use keywords in your meta-content and URL.
  • Optimize your infographic to be distributed on different social media channels.
  • Ask the fellow bloggers in your industry to share your infographic on their blogs. On one hand, it’s free content for them and on the other it will serve as a good back-link for your website. You can also share it on the industry forums.

Get ten times more visibility than normal posts

It has also been observed that infographics have 10 times more visibility on social channels than the traditional content such as articles and blogposts.

So, pull your socks up and start designing well-thought out infographics. These are going to be a much better alternative for all your SEO campaigns.

How to create content faster?


Content is a major requirement nowadays for online businesses.  Companies are content hungry and individual needs to produce higher volumes of content in order to survive and make money.  But there are certain factors that prevent faster content creation and block our spontaneous flow.  We have tried to list all these factors and issues in this article.  We assure you that if you work upon these issues, the quality of your writing would improve greatly and you would be able to produce effective content as a much faster rate.

Things preventing faster writing

The biggest issue preventing faster writing is lack of ideas.  It’s also termed as writers’ block.  To get over this, you should first of all research the topic in detail.  The research should not be too extensive or time-consuming.  By research, we mean to delve into the topic to find enough information, so that we can pen down a good article based on it.  It should not take more than 10 to 15 min. to research the topic on the Internet.  The next step is to conceive ideas in your mind.

Lack of synchronized ideas: Do a little visualization

The major issue impeding the speed of content production is lack of relevant ideas.  You have to do a little visualization exercise for it.  Imagine, a machine producing content at the speed of one page per minute.  Imagine the vivid details of it.  What are the prerequisites? Where is the content and ideas coming from? And how is it producing content at that faster pace?  How the statistics and tables are being created?  Where the supply of sentences is coming from?  What is the rhythm of ideas?  All this is very important in order to find the approach needed to produce content at a faster rate.  Furthermore, you should try to practice writing on your favorite subjects.  The more you practice, the better you would become at producing content at a faster rate.  The best strategy would be to imagine the machine producing the content at one large page per minute.  That should be your target and you should train your mind according to that.

Poor command over English

Poor command over the language is also a major factor why you are not able to produce content at a fast pace.  You should try to make sentences in our mind well in advance and then produce it on the paper in a streamlined way.  Another good practice would be to read a lot.  However, I don’t think that grammatical issues or poor command over the language is the primary factor impeding your speed of writing.  I am a 100% convinced that lack of ideas is the primary concern; language is secondary.  Once, you are done with putting your ideas on paper (or Word doc in digital world,) editing would not be a tough task.  So, this is a baseless fear as we can remove most of our errors during editing process.


You should not try to ponder over or think too much about a topic.  After all, you are not going to submit a research paper.  Neither, are you supposed to lay a principal or an equation similar to e=mc2, which Einstein has developed, nor do you have a task of producing the theory of relativity again.  You have to produce content and it should be interesting, engaging, informative and brief.  It’s clear that you do not need to produce scientific or incomprehensible content.  This misconception should be removed from your mind forever.

Other distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and e-mail

You should also log out from social media sites and email accounts, once you decide to start writing. It’s a big distraction. Writing is a tedious and painfully hectic task. It tires our mind and body; whereas brain has a natural tendency to drift and look for avenues to recreate and entertain itself, which is harmful as it’s easy to get distracted but difficult to focus our attention towards something constructive.


So, we conclude that in order to produce content at a faster rate, first you should “create” content.  Content should be specific and well-researched.  By “well-researched,” I don’t mean that the content should be scientifically proven.  What you need is to have a fair idea about the topic.  Then you have to streamline your ideas and do some brainstorming to present useful information in a logical way.  The sole purpose of content creation is— to present useful information in a streamlined way.  And sadly most of us fail to understand this very purpose and keep on wasting our energies on unnecessary details. Remember the OTSERI principle ORGANIZE, TELL A STORY, ENTERTAIN, REPEAT and INFORM, while producing quality content.

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