7 Rare Tips That Will Help You Become A Successful Writer

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My biggest problem as a writer was that I was not capable of organized work. There were some other factors as well, that were dragging me backwards. I spent many sleepless nights, because I was struggling as a writer and despite my potential, I was earning shameful wages as remuneration. Soon, I did some introspection and tried learning from my mistakes. Here are a few tips you can use to become a successful writer and earn decent income through writing.

  1. Don’t choose wrong projects
    I made big mistakes while choosing projects. I sometimes picked the projects, which I should not have chosen in the first place. Remember, clients don’t respect you for delivering high value content at low price. They won’t even remember you after some time. So, choose your projects wisely and quote the rates accordingly. They will try to take advantage of you, but steer yourself clear from their traps. They will say, “Just try this topic, it’s simple. Try writing a simple SEO article.” But, when you start writing that article, you find that you were asked to write a highly research based technical article at the price of a normal SEO article.
  2. Stay away from wrong partners and friends
    I also faced issues while dealing with friends and finding buddy writers, which were often the source of anxiety and lots of frustration. I felt that people who I thought could have been my writer buddies were far behind me not only in terms of quality and expertise, but also in terms of character and mental strength.They were a lot selfish that I learnt later and they never wanted to move out of their comfort zone. They had a frame of mind that was focused around low quality content. This was exactly the case with my friend and writer buddy Mr Kapoor (name changed).I wondered why I could not associate with the writers, who matched my temperament. Soon I found that it was one of the biggest reasons I was not succeeding as a writer. Mediocrity is contagious and it spreads even through frequent interaction. Choose your friends wisely.
  3. Don’t ignore the way neural networks work
    I also experienced frustration with my approach to writing, which was not scientific until I learnt how neural networks work and then suddenly my entire strategy went through a change.

    I started taking things with a different perspective and it revolutionized my writing and improved   my productivity. I learnt the secrets of sentence construction moving ahead in entirely unknown     territories exploring new things.

    I never ceased to find ways to improve my writing speed and at the same time I tried weaving thoughts and creating thought loops in the empty space to polish my skills to create content with  a flow state of mind. Luckily, everything was in my favor and I received a lot of support from divinity, universe and God whatever you call it.

  4.  Develop mind maps
    In order to succeed as a writer, you must have a blueprint of what you are going to write. You must see everything as a cosmonaut sees the blue planet; a pilot sees his dashboard or as Tom Cruise      saw on his projectors in the movie “Minority Report”.  For that you need to develop mind maps. To know how mind maps work, you can read: How to Mind Map: The Ultimate Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life, by Tony Buzan.
  1. Connect with people by addressing their pain points
    You must also have the list of problems faced by your audiences and you should have the ability to smartly associate those problems with your content. Writing is all about research, exploring new things and moving ahead on the learning curve. Connect with people and address their pain points. Only then you can claim to be a good writer.
  2. Focus on earnings
    There are many distractions that come in the way of becoming a productive writer. You must brush up your writing skills consistently in order to increase your earnings and getting the required satisfaction from this profession.
  3. Experiment with writing the “next paragraph”
    As some of the top writers suggest that to improve your thought process and increase writing speed, try short writing sprints. You should practice writing the next paragraph yourself, when you see a piece of content anywhere including the Internet.When you read something online or offline, just take a pause and ask your brain to explore the empty space and try churning out next few paragraphs on the basis of the content that you have just read. It will improve your writing skills dramatically.

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